ESAFIXED Fixed Structures

ESAFIXED structures, in their different configurations, have been wind tunnel tested and are designed to offer the highest performance in high speed wind conditions, steep slope terrains and corrosive environments.


ESAFIXED structures are characterized by their robustness and adaptability to any type of ground, offering great ease of assembly reducing costs and installation time. Its resistance to corrosion is guaranteed using hot dip galvanized steel and steel with Magnelis® coating or equivalent.


Portrait 1P, 2P, 3P
Landscape 2H, 3H, 4H

Number of poles

— Single pole
— Double pole

Module type



Increases the vertical tolerance, reduces grading costs for undulating terrain and maintains the driving depth.

Inclined and adaptable struts

The struts are designed to make the structure adaptable to the ground. With them, the structure provides higher flexibility and can be installed following the terrain.

Structure with adaptable brackets and supports

They allow the structure to lean overcoming slopes. The energy production is maximum, optimizing the bifacial gain.

Bifacial single pole structure

This solution has a similar based concept than a solar tracker. It provides a reduction in the percentage of shadows on the back side of the bifacial module. Easy assembly and maintenance minimizing the number of joints.

Fixed structure with East-West configuration

This type of gabled canopy configuration makes much better use of the land, also simplifying maintenance work.