Solar Trackers

Solar trackers are designed to follow the sun and achieve maximum solar absorption during daylight hours.

ESAtrack trackers have been designed using the most advanced technologies and have been Wind tunnel validated to ensure that windy conditions are not a problem.

These structures are capable of withstanding corrosive environmental conditions and can be installed on land with steep slopes of more than 15%.

ESAtrack systems are characterized by it fastest installation times, a long lifetime and very high profitability. All components have been designed and validated using finite element models.

For each project, a mechanical analysis of the ground is carried out and the optimal solution is designed for each location, which reduces costs, increases profitability and reduces the Capex costs in the shortest possible time.”

ESAtrack 1P

ESAtrack 1P trackers are characterized by their fast and flexible assembly with great adaptability to the terrain. We look for the optimal design and solution in each location, which reduces costs and amortizes the investment in the shortest possible time.

ESAtrack 2P

ESAtrack 2P structures, like the 1P, are characterized by their great adaptability to the terrain. This configuration allows the installation of two modules in portrait, optimizing the power density.