ESAsolar has supplied its ESAtrack single-axis tracker to four photovoltaic self-consumption projects in Italy, three of them located in the province of L’Aquila and the other one in Viterbo, for Comunità Energetiche SpA.

Along with its cost effectiveness, the ESAtrack single row tracker minimizes installation time and cost with wide installation tolerances that reduce ground leveling and provides one of the lowest poles/MW ratios on the market.

For these projects, ESAsolar will supply its state-of-the-art self-powered system together with wireless communication that will simplify installation tasks, reducing material, trenching and labor costs.

“At Comunità Energetiche SPA we are firmly committed to promoting high-quality all-in-one solutions for the Italian market, in order to provide our customers with green energy from photovoltaic solar energy. To achieve these goals, we need partners who share the same ambition and with a quality-based business like ESAsolar”, says Paolo Allegretti, General Manager of Comunità Energetiche SPA.

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